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The founders of North American Cannabis Holdings came together in 2013.  They initially formed a company called the American Seed & Oil Company. The American Seed & Oil became a subsidiary of North American Cannabis Holdings with a mission of researching the overall emerging legal cannabis sector and looking for opportunities to develop  leadership positions within specific voids they found in the cannabis sector.  The American Seed & Oil Company piloted and experimented with dozens of speculative opportunities.  Through the American Seed & Oil Company, North American Cannabis Holdings has grown hemp in Vermont and medical marijuana in Maine; developed vape devices, manufactured hemp clothing and of course developed extraction processes and introduced infused food and beverages ... to name only a few endeavors.  The result is a deep knowledge and understanding of the cannabis sector that can only be acquired through experience.  This deep knowledge and understanding is enriched further through North American Cannabis Holdings participation in lobbying efforts for improved cannabis legalization.  The American Seed & Oil Company remains today as an active subsidiary of North American Cannabis holdings continuing to lobby for improved cannabis legalization while also experimenting with new cannabis sector opportunities.  The experience and living cannabis community entrepreneurial spirt within the American Seed & Oil Company enhances North American Cannabis Holdings overall capacity to deliver a cannabis industry logistics solution and online retail outlet.