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The North American Cannabis Holdings' acquisition of a fitness wholesaler and restaurant operation in 2015 came with a key strategic partnership.  The restaurant North American Cannabis Holdings acquired was the flagship of a national chain of sports nutrition restaurants.  North American Cannabis Holdings partnered with the national sports nutrition restaurant chain to develop and trial cannabis sector food and beverage products and restaurant concepts.  The retail experience from servicing and supplying over 250 restaurants for nearly two decades was an invaluable tool to North American Cannabis Holdings.  That experience and ongoing partnership positions North American Cannabis Holdings to be an exceptional supplier and partner to cannabis food and beverage retailers.  The company has already begun supplying retailers with cannabis infused food and beverage products and plans to accelerate growth through acquisition.  North American Cannabis Holdings has launched an acquisition campaign to expand its distribution capacity.  In addition to supplying and servicing brick and mortar cannabis sector retailers, North American Cannabis Holdings is also building an internet portal to market and sell cannabis sector products online.